Kenmerkend voor Le Veer zijn de kleurrijke handgemaakte kralensieraden waarmee je eindeloos kunt variëren. Stuk voor stuk geliefd vanwege hun sprekende kleuren, speelse ontwerpen, verfijnde details én het beroemde veertje dat elegant aan ieder item bungelt.

  • Sea me happy necklace - Le Veer
    Sea me happy necklace - Le Veer

    Imagine you’re dancing barefeet on a pearl white beach right before the sun sets.. Surrounded by your friends and loved ones, you boogie around, soaking up all the vibrant colors and beauty. Moments like this are the inspiration…

    € 39,95
  • Bubbly brown necklace
    Bubbly brown necklace

    If you’re talking about a Fall favorite, this is definitely one of them. Make a statement this season with Olivia’s favorite Necklace. Trust us, you will make those heads turn.

    ∙ Gedetailleerd met glaskralen
    ∙ Stainless…

    € 64,95
  • Formidable necklace
    Formidable necklace

    Incomparable formidable, just like you. We’ve combined a timeless coffebean chain with our favorite gems for this season. Trust us, you want to wear this piece all year around.

    ∙ Gedetailleerd met kralen van Serpentine,…

    € 64,95
  • Brown flower necklace
    Brown flower necklace

    The Brown Flower Necklace is made to create a necklace layer in seconds! Wrap it around your neck and you’re ready to go. Add another necklace to the party to create the ultimate look.

    ∙ Gedetailleerd met stainless steel…

    € 39,95
  • Mon cheri necklace
    Mon cheri necklace

    If you can carry the name of the collection, you must be a special one. Our Mon Cheri Necklace definitely is! This blue and white colored statement piece is a real showstopper. This is a necklace that will make heads turn. No…

    € 69,95
  • Kiss me french necklace
    Kiss me french necklace

    Meet our newest member of the heart necklaces crew. Detailed with Magnesite gemstones, 18K gold plated discs and a stainless steel heart. Daring, fun and perfect to elevate your look to the next level.

    ∙ Gedetailleerd met…

    € 79,95
  • Cherry on top necklace
    Cherry on top necklace

    The name says it all. This necklace is the cherry on top from all necklaces in our Mon Cheri collection. With it’s playful and chunky pearls it will give an edgy touch to every look. Oh, and don’t forget about the handmade…

    € 79,95
  • Mademoiselle necklace
    Mademoiselle necklace

    This is the color we want to wear all season long and never taking it off. Pink is a vibe, Mademoiselle!

    ∙ Gedetailleerd met opaal heishi kralen + 18K gold plated discs
    ∙ Stainless steel sluiting
    ∙ Verstelbaar van 39 – 44 cm

    € 79,95
  • Cloud nine necklace
    Cloud nine necklace

    Quite literally on cloud nine with this necklace. With it’s beautiful Moonstone and Opal beads it looks like it’s made in heaven! But we know it isn’t 😉 #madebyourhands

    ∙ Gedetailleerd met maansteen en opaal kralen +…

    € 79,95
  • L’amour red necklace
    L’amour red necklace

    For those unconditional lovers, our L’Amour Necklace is the prettiest new accessory to dress up your favorite outfit and add a playful touch to your look. Pairs perfectly with Mademoiselle Necklace.

    ∙ Gedetailleerd met…

    € 64,95
  • Avec toi necklace
    Avec toi necklace

    Name a more statement necklace than this one. Bold chain, chunky clasp and a puffy heart, our Avec Toi Necklace will upgrade every plain look in seconds.

    ∙ Gedetailleerd met stainless steel chain + 18K gold plated heart…

    € 59,95
  • Je t’aime necklace
    Je t’aime necklace

    A necklace that can’t be missed in your wardrobe each season of the year. Our Je T’Aime Necklace is the perfect piece for layering. With it’s long length you can create a playful festivallook or dress up for a fancy dinner…

    € 39,95
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